European Patent Validation

The legal framework for securing protection of IP rights in Europe is based on the enaction of legislations both on the national, supra-national and European Union level.

IP protection can be secured in Europe based on national patent laws as well as on the provisions of the European Patent Convention (EPC). The application process itself can thus either involve individual applications filed with national patent offices, or a centralised process involving the European Patent Office and governed by the provision of the European Patent Convention.

A patent granted by the European Patent Office does not – at least not yet – result in a single European patent enforceable before one single European Court of Law. However, in the coming years it may well be possible to obtain IP protection in the form of a Unified European Patent.

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Nordic Countries:
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland


London Agreement Countries:
Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Remaining EPC Contracting States:
Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands etc.