At Jesper Levin A/S, we strive for excellence and are proud to achieve outstanding results when prosecuting and defending intellectual property rights on behalf of our clients. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between Jesper Levin A/S (the “Firm”) and the client, these Business Terms apply to all advisory services provided by the Firm.



Jesper Levin A/S employees are bound to secrecy and all project relevant information forwarded to Jesper Levin A/S will be treated in strict confidence.




Patent Offices often impose time limits for dealing with procedural steps of various kinds and failure to meet these deadlines may lead to rights being lost irrevocably. Hence, we expect our clients to provide complete and accurate instructions in a timely manner. We shall keep our clients informed about relevant time limits and of client actions or instructions required in this respect.

We expect our clients to promptly notify us of any changes with respect to Inventors and Applicants / Patentees associated with IP rights entrusted with Jesper Levin A/S. Such changes often have to be registered with the relevant authorities and client needs to keep us informed of any changes.

We require written confirmation of instructions which will ultimately result in abandonment of a case. We also require written confirmation when actions to be taken by us will incur payment of official fees or disbursements to our foreign associates.

We can provide our Clients with an estimate of expected costs associated with our services. Estimates will always be provided based on fee schedules and exchange rates at the time of forwarding our estimate to our Client. Inclusion or exclusion of applicable VAT will be specifically mentioned in such estimates.

We often work together with outside experts/ consultants. For example, national law firms in many countries require that applications in national patent offices are prosecuted by local attorneys. We may also work together with experienced business professionals forming part of our Business Development Board when assessing e.g. commercial or regulatory aspects of your invention. Accordingly, we have an extensive network of professional contacts with whom we work together. We instruct an outside expert on your behalf in good faith and we are not liable for any failure on their part.





All actions taken and all services rendered, on behalf of a client, are in principle chargeable. We may require funds to cover out-payments such as Patent Office fees and expenses arising from work carried by overseas law firms on our instruction. We may require payment on account as a pre-condition of work to be undertaken on your behalf. We routinely require payment on account of 85 % of the total, expected costs before commencing our services in relation to foreign filings. A handling fee of 10 % is added on disbursements. On-going work will be debited on a monthly basis.

Invoices are to be settled within 14 days from the invoice date. If invoices are not settled within this period, we will remind you of an outstanding invoice – and we reserve the right to charge interest at a base rate on any amount which is overdue. In cases where an amount owing is long overdue, we further reserve the right to suspend ongoing services until the outstanding amount has been paid. We shall not suspend any work without prior written notification.

Unless otherwise agreed between the client and us; we regard the organization or individual, providing us with instructions, responsible for settling any invoice connected with the services rendered in relation to the instructions.






All actions taken in relation to our advisory services are carried out within the framework of the above-included terms of business.

No material change to these terms is valid unless agreed in writing by a partner of the firm.

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